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Islamic art

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Lust for new design home and that in very special Arts? Then you are exactly right with us! We have for every taste indescribably stylish murals. Exactly we know that a touch of posters on the wall can bring a lot of love and ambience in your home. Give life to your home - whether bedroom, living room, hallway or bathroom - we have the right design art piece for every interior. You will find not only the trendsetters with us, but also classic and timeless Arts. Our goal is to inspire you in the field of interior design. We print our posters on high quality paper, which are also carefully packed and delivered to you. We are always working to expand our range. Therefore, you will find weekly new designs with us to make your walls stylish.


Islamic art

Islamic art is timeless. It is unique in its ornamentation. It has been around for 1400 years, and yet it is as strong and impressive today as it has ever been. You know you're dealing with Islamic art the moment you see it - whether as a work of art in a museum or as one of our beautiful paintings. Our Islamic Art style designs are modern. However, they draw on ancient stylistic elements. Our Islamic Art posters are classic, modern and stylish all at the same time.Islam is more than religion. It is a way of life. It is a statement. There are several ways you can express your way of life. You can express it in a very traditional and staid way, or you can express it in a modern, stylish and elegant way. Our posters are designed with the artistic tradition of Islam in mind. Our posters combine modern design with stylistic elements of Islamic art. If it is also inspiring and motivating, all the better. Insallah, Elhamdulillah or Bismillah are just a few examples of terms designed into decorative murals in Islamic art style. We work calligraphically. However, we do not use the Arabic script, but the Latin script. Because not everyone can read and understand Arabic. In addition, it is important to us to distinguish between religious and everyday art. Our posters are art for everyday life, but with a profound intention: to bring Islam closer to everyone who wants it. In a modern, stylish and very direct way. But we don't want our images to be misunderstood as religious attempts. Islamic Art is world art. We also combine modern lettering with minimalist figurative decoration. Nevertheless, it is always about the meaning of the written word. By using specific words and terms, illustrations can be avoided. The font itself becomes an ornament and the word becomes art. Our wonderful murals bring depth and meaning to your life. They radiate tranquility. But they also remind you of what is really important in life. 


Our typography posters unfold their message over a cozy corner just as impressively as at the workplace.  They fit any interior style, because they do not impose themselves. They have an effect when you look at them. They are not garish and loud, but subtle and elegant. You are sure to find the right place for one of our wonderful posters - above your dining table or above your desk, above your bed or above your sofa, next to your mirror or next to your closet. Only you know where it will fit. Cool quotes from your favorite stars, great quotes or the names of cities that everyone must have seen once. With us you will find everything of the finest: cities to dream and to fall in love, such as Paris, New York, Sydney or Istanbul. We have murals that will remind you of what is important to you. Many of our designs come in different color and graphic variations. Our posters are artistically designed to a high standard, excellently conceived in terms of printing technology, and uniquely to the point in terms of emotion. If you're looking for timeless art, we recommend our typography posters. Because they are modern, unusual & stylish. At DSGN ART, we know how your heart beats. We know the beat and hear the pulse. 

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